HardNoX is pleased to announce that local racing talent Mike Yurko, with Thirty 3 PoV, will be offering on board video footage recording services of your riding sessions!
Video footage is a gbikereat tool to be used too correct your body position, race lines and all around track riding ability. Seeing yourself ride allows you to pick out your strongest and weakest points, giving you the ability to improve even when your not riding OR you may also want this video footage just to show your friends how great your track experience was!

For a $40 (cash) charge you will receive your full session recorded in a digital format from two different angles (front and rear camera positions).
For more details stop by the HX tent when you get to the track and ask for Thirty 3 PoV and we will point you in the right direction; OR to prebook, please contact Mike Yurko at mikeyurko33@gmail.com

Sessions are limited so book early!