By purchasing a spot at a HardNoX Track Day you are reserving that spot. Think of it like buying a ticket to a hockey game. If you buy that ticket it is yours.

Therefore we do NOT offer refunds or exchanges.

You can however try and sell it to another rider in the same group. (Try our Facebook page) Just ensure that you email us to inform us of the rider change.

HardNoX maintains a “rain or shine” policy, meaning we run regardless of any weather conditions excluding snow or ice on the track. However, HardNoX would never require riders to ride under unsafe conditions. Each rider must appear at the track unless otherwise notified by HardNoX or they will be treated as a “no show” and forfeit their payment to HardNoX. In the event that the weather conditions are unsafe, HardNoX will endeavor to contact all riders and we may issue credits for future events.

We are sorry you missed out. Since HardNoX does not issue refunds we will not maintain a wait list or allow walk ups for sold out events.

Regular Pricing:

$280.00 at Registration (CASH ONLY)

Online Pre-Registration* – $250.00

 * PLEASE NOTE: Our online registration closes FRIDAY AT NOON for double headers, or 24 hours before our events.

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Sunday Sept 9, 2018


In order for a rider to advance from one group to the next; the rider must pass an on track check out session with a HardNoX instructor. Please email us in advance of your track day to arrange this session”…

In order to conduct the “check out session” riders must register and ride in their CURRENT group. This means if you are a Novice rider you must register and ride in Novice, and have your check out session in the Novice group. IF you pass your check out; and IF there is room in the next group, THEN you can move up a group in the same day. If there is not room in the next group; you can still ride in your current group, and then register in the next group for the next track day. Same applies for Intermediates wanting to advance to Expert.

If you have any questions please email us at

We thank you for your attention to this matter.