1. Headlights, taillights, signals DO NOT have to be taped up unless they contain glass.
  2. Glass headlights must be taped.
  3. Mirrors must be taped or removed.
  4. License plates must be removed.
  5. Your bike must be in good mechanical condition.
  6. It should have NO fluid leaks.
  7. You do NOT have to change your engine coolant.
  8. No loose fasteners, bodywork, bolts etc.
  9. Tires must be in good condition.
  10. All levers and controls must operate freely. Throttle must SNAP BACK to the off position when released.
  11. Brakes must function within recommended tolerances.
  1. Must wear a DOT, Snell or ECE approved full face helmet (no flip up helmets allowed).
  2. 1 piece leather suits; or 2 piece leather suits that zip together 300 degrees are required. Aerostich/Textile/Cordura/Balistic type Touring and Sport suites are acceptable as long as they zip together 300 degrees and have armour, but only in Novice group.
  3. Must have proper motorcycle riding gloves that go at least one inch above the wrist such as Alpinestars GP Plus, GP Pro, or GP Tech gloves
  4. Must wear motorcycle boots that go at least four inches above the ankle. No slip on boots, work boots, hiking boots, or running shoes. A good example is Alpinestars SMX4 or SMX5 or touring equivalent.

Motorcycle boots and gloves

checkered flagThe checkered flag is displayed at the track entrance to indicate that your session is finished. Its now time for another batch of riders to have some fun.


green flagThe solid green flag is usually displayed by the starter to indicate the start of a session. During a session, it is displayed at the end of a caution period or a temporary delay to indicate that the session is restarting.

yellow flagThe solid yellow flag, or caution flag, universally requires riders to slow down due to a hazard on the track. A single stationary flag denotes a hazard off the course. A single waved flag denotes a hazard on the racing surface itself. Please ride with caution in these areas until the flags are no longer shown.

red flagThe solid red flag is displayed when conditions are too unsafe to continue the session. Riders must immediately slow down and will be directed to proceed back to pit road or to stop at a specific spot. Riders must raise their hand to indicate that they are slowing down, slow down to first gear, finish their lap and exit the track unless otherwise directed.

meatball flagMeatball – Uh oh, someone’s been naughty. The meatball flag is used to summon a rider to the pits. It is signal to a rider for disobeying the rules. You must finish your lap and immediately report to the pits for instructions.

black flagBlack Flag- Is used when a bike is suffering from a dangerous mechanical failure. Slow down and pull off to the side of the track in safe place. Check your bike for fluid leaks or other problems. If your bike is not ride able, get off the track and wait for assistance. If your bike is still ride able, slowly finish your lap and come into the pits.

debris flagThe yellow and red striped flag is displayed stationary at local flag stations to indicate that there is something on the track which could reduce grip or cause a motorcycle to lose control – generally oil, coolant, small pieces of debris or sand.

In order for a rider to advance from one group to the next; the rider must pass an on track check out session with a HardNoX instructor.  Please email us in advance of your track day to arrange this session.

In order to conduct the “check out session” riders must register and ride in their CURRENT group. This means if you are a Novice rider you must register and ride in Novice. IF you pass your check out; and IF there is room in the next group, THEN you can move up a group in the same day. IF there is NOT room in the next group; you can still ride in your current group, and then register in the next group for the next track day. Same applies for Intermediates wanting to advance to Expert.

For the safety and enjoyment of all of our customers, riders must register and stay in their assigned groups. This means that Experts cannot register/ride in Intermediate and Intermediate riders cannot register/ride in the Novice group.

If you have any questions please email us at info@hardnoxtrackdayz.com

In the event of a sell out of a group, or day; HardNoX will NOT have a wait list, and walk-ups will NOT be accepted. Due to insurance rules we cannot add riders once a group has reached its limit.

  • HAVE FUN!!!!
  • All riders must attend the mandatory riders meeting prior to the track gates opening.
  • No looking back behind you when on the track. Concentrate on what’s in front of you instead.
  • Absolutely no stunting on track or in the pits. This includes wheelies or erratic riding.
  • NO STOPPING on the track unless a RED FLAG dictates it. This means if a friend or rider has an issue please come into the pits and tell us, we will go out to help them.
  • Never travel backwards on the race track unless you have been instructed to by a corner worker during a RED FLAG situation.
  • When entering the track, you must wait for the Marshal at the entrance to allow you to enter.
  • If you happen to crash, you must visit the ambulance for medical clearance before re-entering the track. Your personal health is extremely important to us and we don’t want further injuries to occur.
  • If you happen to crash, your bike must be inspected for safety by HardNoX personnel. We want your ride to be mechanically safe.
  • If you happen to crash twice in one day, we will most likely ask you to come back another day when things are going a little more your way.
  • ABSOLUTELY no drinking, or drugs on the premises during our events.
  • Have Fun!!!!!!
  • Have MORE FUN!!!!!