Hello everyone. We want to take this opportunity to update you, and clarify, our parking policies for our events.


We have parking attendants on site to help you get parked in an appropriate spot. Due to the limited amount of parking space, we must carefully park you depending on your rig. This means that even though you may show up as the first person in the morning, we may not be able to park you in the closest spot to the track. Please follow all instructions from the parking attendants and be respectful. They are volunteers, and we appreciate their help in getting you parked as quickly as possible, so you can get set up and #geturspeedon


HardNoX officially has access to the pit area for parking on the morning of our events. However Castrol will allow us to set up the night before an event IF the facility is not being rented. So please note that you MAY be able to set up in the pits the night before that is all dependent on Castrol rentals. Please check with us before you come. An alternate is to park/camp in the general parking area in the grass along the entrance road and then come into the pits in the morning.