Track days are not only the best fun you can have on a bike, they are infinitely safer than being on the road. No SPEED TRAPS, No PEDESTRIANS, No ONCOMING TRAFFIC!

What is a “Novice” track day rider?

If you…

  • Have been riding a motorcycle for at least a year
  • Love the feeling of leaning your bike over in a corner
  • Are new to track riding,  aka never done it before
  • Have had 4 or less track event experiences
  • Simply want to test your abilities with no external threats

…you are PERFECT for our “Novice” group or “Novice Only” events

How It Works?

You’ve decided you want to kick that street riding habit and give track riding a try, BRAVO!!
Now let’s give you a rundown of how our track events will unfold.

If you can, plan to arrive at the track early so that you are not rushed at all.

When you do arrive, find a spot to park up near the HardNoX trailer. When you are new, you will find it easier to ask questions and socialize if you aren’t in the “BACK 40” as it were.

** Your nerves are probably starting to kick in – Don’t worry we ALL get them…they are “FUN” nerves.

Once you get parked and settled in, come see us over in the registration tent (beside the HardNoX trailer) and get yourself signed in.

As we wait for the other riders to get signed in, take the opportunity to go over the mechanics of your bike. You want it to be safe for use (as per the bike set-up page). If you have any questions, we are right there and would be happy to help you.
NOTE: Even if it doesn’t seem so, track riding can be very strenuous. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Complementary water is available under the HardNoX tent.

45 min before the track opens we will hold a MANDATORY riders meeting in front of the HardNoX tent where we will go over the Rules of the Track and relay important track related information.

After this meeting the track will go “GREEN” and the Expert group (Group 1) will head out for their 15 minute session.

Intermediates (Group 2) will be up next for their 15 minute session.

Up next is Novice (Group 3).

** Now your nerves are running into HIGH gear. Relax, take a couple deep breaths and smile…This is going be fun!

Don’t worry, we are going to guide you around for your first session. Follow the leader style.  At the beginning of your session we will have you line up behind one of our instructors (usually 4-5 per instructor) that will be waiting at the entrance to the track. We will wait for the Marshal’s signal to say it’s safe for us to enter the track in a single file fashion. Follow your instructor for the entire session paying particular attention to where he places you on the track for each corner (aka showing you the LINES). This will give you the basic layout of the track and start you off on the right foot for a safe and FUN track experience.

After 1 session we will let you go out and play on your own accord.

You are now an official “Track Day” rider…CONGRATS!

** Remember to stay relaxed, have a boat load of fun and ride within your limits.

** Oh ya…did I forgot to mention…HAVE FUN!!

All of HardNoX Track Dayz events are completely a “no pressure” environment! Our “Novice Rider ONLY” events will have all the regular benefits of a HardNoX Track Dayz event but completely dedicated to the NOVICE rider. We take our regular format and mold it to the benefit of all you new/Novice track riders out there. Everyone that attends that event will be in the same situation as you are… new, nervous and super excited. We strive to take the intimidation factor right out of the equation, LESS PRESSURE = MORE FUN!

** Everybody starts out as a novice rider, even your seasoned racer at one point or another got his/her feet wet as a Novice rider. If you feel that your skill levels are ready for the next step, ask us to be promoted to the Intermediate group.