HardNoX is excited to announce another track day for the 2015 season. We have secured Sat Aug 22 for another great HardNoX track day.

Saturday will be an INTRODUCTORY NOVICE ONLY track day. The day will include TWO novice sessions, along with an On Track Performance School session.

This special day will focus on riders that are relatively new to the sport of track riding; as well as encouraging those that have not yet experienced track riding, to come out and build your confidence, build your skills all with:

No oncoming traffic,

No pedestrian’s and


Our experienced crew will be there to guide and mentor all of our new riders with a no pressure/fun attitude.

Our Introductory Novice Only day will be offered at a discounted rate of $230.00 for the day. So Novice riders will have twice as many spots, a cheaper rate; and since we will have only 3 groups for the day, about 30% more track time.

Consequently, we are also changing our Sunday Aug 23 schedule as well. On Sunday we are going to add an EXTRA Intermediate group, so Intermediate riders will have twice as many spots on Sunday.

We hope you will be excited to take advantage of the extra space to #geturspeedon