NO REFUNDS CANCELLATIONS OR EXCHANGES. By purchasing a spot at a HardNoX Track Day you are reserving that spot. Think of it like buying a ticket to a hockey game. If you buy that ticket it is yours. You can however try and sell it to another rider in the same group. (Try our Facebook page) Just ensure that you email us to inform us of the rider change.

HardNoX maintains a “rain or shine” policy, meaning we run regardless of any weather conditions excluding snow or ice on the track. However, HardNoX would never require riders to ride under unsafe conditions. Each rider must appear at the track unless otherwise notified by HardNoX or they will be treated as a “no show” and forfeit their payment to HardNoX. In the event that the weather conditions are unsafe, HardNoX will endeavor to contact all riders and we may issue credits for future events.

We are sorry you missed out. Since HardNoX does not issue refunds we will not maintain a wait list or allow walk ups for sold out events.

You will have missed the riders meeting and not get to ride in the first riding rotation. You will have to wait until a HardNoX instructor is available to go over the safety rules with you. It is important to be on time!

A HAPPY face! This is fun. As a minimum, bring chairs to sit on while other riders are on the track, hat, sun glasses, sunscreen, bug spray and something to snack on. Bring your own gas. Gas is not available at the track!

Yes you can; however, if you have a problem with the bike or it gets damaged, you might not be able to ride it home. This is why we highly recommend that you transport your bike to the track instead of riding it out.

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. If your friends come, they can assist you if there are problems with you or your bike. Many riders enjoy having their own rooting section which can take pictures of you flying around the track

For lunch no. We provide lunch to all riders; however you might want to bring some snacks. You WILL work up an appetite!

In order for a rider to advance from one group to the next; the rider must pass an on track check out session with a HardNoX instructor. Please email us in advance of your track day to arrange this session”…

In order to conduct the “check out session” riders must register and ride in their CURRENT group. This means if you are a Novice rider you must register and ride in Novice. IF you pass your check out; and IF there is room in the next group, THEN you can move up a group in the same day. IF there is not room in the next group; you can still ride in your current group, and then register in the next group for the next track day. Same applies for Intermediates wanting to advance to Expert.

For the safety and enjoyment of all of our customers, riders must register and stay in their assigned groups. This means that Experts cannot register/ride in Intermediate and Intermediate riders cannot register/ride in the Novice group.

If you happen to crash;

  1. you should remove your bike from the track to a safe place.(our corner workers will help if it is safe to do so). If your bike is ride able, you can ride it back to the paddock.
  2. If your bike is not ride able, we will pick it up at lunch or at the end of the day.
  3. you must visit the ambulance for medical clearance before re-entering the track. Your personal health is extremely important to us and we don’t want further injuries to occur. If you happen to crash,
  4. your bike must be inspected for safety by HardNoX personnel. We want your ride to be mechanically safe. If you happen to crash twice in one event, we will most likely ask you to come back another day when things are going a little more your way.

Sorry, but if your bike will not start, you forgot your key, your transportation to the track could not make it for any reason so you could not make it, forgot some gear, your bike does not pass tech, you crash early and can not ride, something breaks on your bike, you injure yourself and cannot ride, or you thought the weather was going to be bad so you did not show. While we certainly sympathize with any of these occurrences, since you purchased a spot which we reserved for you to ride with HardNoX, there will be no refunds or credit given per our credit and return policy.

Yes usually some professional photographers will show up and take pictures to sell you. We will endeavor to list those photographers on our Media page on the website and on our Facebook page.

While we do provide basic tools, you may want to bring your own.

Currently, no we do not have any rental gear.

No we do not have motorcycles for rent.

Just stay within the speed range where you are most comfortable. Do not worry about being passed. It is the other riders’ responsibility to pass you safely and cleanly. It is about riding safe and being safe, and the only way to do that is for you to ride within your limits and comfort zone. Yes, there will always be faster riders than you! Just maintain your line and let them get around you. Do not worry about holding anyone up, and never look behind when riding on the track. Always look ahead!

Yes we do. To give you a quality experience; and for our customers safety and insurance reasons we limit our groups to a maximum number.


We have parking attendants on site to help you get parked in an appropriate spot. Due to the limited amount of parking space, we must carefully park you depending on your rig. This means that even though you may show up as the first person in the morning, we may not be able to park you in the closest spot to the track. Please follow all instructions from the parking attendants and be respectful. They are volunteers, and we appreciate their help in getting you parked as quickly as possible, so you can get set up and #geturspeedon


HardNoX officially has access to the pit area for parking on the morning of our events. However Castrol will allow us to set up the night before an event IF the facility is not being rented. So please note that you MAY be able to set up in the pits the night before that is all dependent on Castrol rentals. Please check with us before you come. An alternate is to park/camp in the general parking area in the grass along the entrance road and then come into the pits in the morning.

Our minimum rider age is 14 years old and requires a parent/legal guardian to sign a waiver.

We do not allow any devices mounted to helmets, or the mounts for such devices.